How To Take Care Of Baby Skin

How to take care of baby skin

Cradle cap, Atopic dermatitis

Baby Skin CareThe skin of baby compared to adults, is more susceptible to certain types of issues. Their skin is not yet fully developed & therefore more sensitive to outside irritants. In addition, kids will enjoy playing on the floor, in the grass, all amazing places for our babys, but also places dirt repellent & often times even dangerous. This does not mean that they deny our babys to play, but it is important to be cautious. tidy the surfaces on which they play well, be cautious with sharp, pointed corners or fall & be prepared, skin care products for our baby with specific babys, defending their skin.

Today I listed two typical skin changes of the skin of baby, so that they can (in some cases) & estimate the best possible care:

Cradle cap:

It 's a common disorder, especially in the first months of life. The glands of the scalp of your baby produce excessive amounts of sebum, which finally forming a crust that is stratified uniform whitish.

How to solve it? Always use products for babys, never shampoo for sensitive adults. For a specific treatment & massage gently in circular movements a wad of cotton soaked in Vaseline oil, which produces no irritation & lubricates the skin surface. shortly after, delete the flakes with a soft brush. To extend the effect over time, wash your babys hair with an oil-based shampoo vaseline & glycerin. Apply the product on wet hair, massage gently & rinse with warm water.

Atopic dermatitis

Have you noticed any spots on the skin of your baby? It will probably atopic dermatitis. It causes symptoms such as red patches and a tendency to have dry skin, making an annoying itch. First, be sure to climatic factors such as wind, heat and sweat all aggravate dermatitis.

To treat the other hand, it suits your skin with products for babys who are super sensitive to process. For the bathroom with a bath oil to non-foaming formulation. This product also contains glycerin oil for sensitive skin of babies and children without clean attack, respecting the natural hydro-lipid film. Immediately after bathing, dry your baby's skin, the folds of the arms, legs and buttocks are very dry. At this stage, an emulsion is on Aloe vera, shea butter and panthenol, which occurs in most areas of dermatitis is based. It is very important for baby with atopic dermatitis baby's products that are using non-allergenic and fragrance-free, the more irritation.

Also be careful hygiene of the nails! The dirt that settles like a mouth full of bacteria that are the main cause of skin infection. If your child is scratched with dirty fingernails, can be infected and the small cut to reactions to very boring and difficult to treat. So, keep your child's nails to a medium length, and wash thoroughly with a brush for hands in the bath.