Simple Tips For Baby Sleep

Baby SleepWith the ones listed of tips here we want to give you also a brief overview of what you can do it, to bring your baby to sleep. We want to make no claim to completeness. We just tried much read and heard, and the result are our favorites.

The mix. What works today may tomorrow again completely go wrong. You know the best determined. Try it out and be patient.

1. Darken the bedroom

Insulation, especially in summer but also now in the spring we light with shade or blind. So we reduce the environmental stimuli and simultaneously give a signal that now is time to sleep.

2. Same time

We are trying our baby to sleep at night as always at the same time to create. That gives him some security and orientation throughout the day. When our little ones, this has stabilized at about 18:00 clock. This rhythm can move naturally with age again.

3. Evening rituals

A rest period is for the kids to calm down a good mood for the preparation and sleeping. After the evening we like to cuddle and snuggle laundry, play a sleeping melody on the guitar or sing a lullaby.
Even a small evening walk in the fresh air before the baby is the coming-to-rest can be very helpful. Rituals can be a soothing bath, a massage that included putting on a pajama, playing a music box or other elements. It should not be too complicated and can not be too large, so the baby does not become very excited. It is also important that the sequence is always the same.

4. Sleeping in bed or at Mama

For some, maybe a bit more critical point: Because our baby is breastfed, and all 2-4 hours (including night) sleeps with it in bed with us. This relaxes not only children but also the mother, since they do not have to get up every time and the baby is not interrupted by taking out and put in too much in his crib in his sleep. We have also made the experience that our baby close to his mom too much calmer and more relaxed sleep, while a drop in his own bed, especially in the early days was almost impossible. Our midwife put it this way:. "Human babies are carrying charges, who need the contact to the mother is by nature not intended that they are alone and do not want her to sleep alone This contradicts the image of the cute in the crib sleeping baby. That almost all women, at least the first baby to have.

5. Sleep mate

Maybe your baby used to a little soft cuddly toy (or a common line of you T-shirt) to bring him regularly to bed. For us, it has so far not contributed directly to sleep a lot, make friends again this works really well.

6. Try it alone

Sometimes the young, especially when he is already a bit older, though few actually left alone in the bedroom and came to rest again. (Can you just try again and again.) So not every tiny noise hinrennen immediately. Of course you should not wait until the baby is crying piteously.
If the baby does not fall asleep by themselves, then lift up immediately, but perhaps first try following calming techniques.

7. Cloth over the head

It may sound funny, but with this simple trick we have been able to help more often. Especially when the boy was tired and completely turned on. We put a light little burp cloth over his face to the nose and suddenly it was quiet. Of course you should remove the cloth again when the baby sleeps.

8. Stroking or laying on of hands

For a time it was our little boy very reassuring when you have deleted the forehead with his hand down gently or just the hand with gentle pressure over the brow and made it "Schhhhh" sounds. Perhaps he recalled the slight pressure to that post to his time in the stomach. Even the gentle stroking, massaging and kissing the soles of the feet to reassure him often when he is not asleep like this.

9. Cradles, swings

The swings and cradles in his arms while softly singing a tune again and again, has let him fall asleep on some days quite well.
On lying down it was always important to him slightly to the side (but stable) to lay down and not directly on the back because he is usually woke up terrified.

10. Supper

Although this tip is here only in tenth place, it is still one of our best tools. Just like us adults eating makes you drowsy, it usually works well with our baby - she sleeps at some point automatically to the chest.

11. The sleeping Brummis CD

If all the baby sleep tips did not help, we resorted to sleeping Brummis CD and thumps while the oven or the dishwasher then rumbled softly, our pug finally slept peacefully.