Body Changes During Pregnancy Per Month.

Body Changes During Pregnancy

body change during pregnancy
Find out the developments and changes that will be experienced when the pregnant mother's body would be better. Because this knowledge can be used to anticipate the feelings of the mother due to changes in her body and find prevention for any inconvenience this may have happened. Here are the things that the public feels on the body of pregnant women as told Erika Lenkert in his book, The Real Deal: Guide to Pregnancy:

your pregnant body

First Trimester (Week 1-13)
Month I
The hormones will start to "cook", changed many things in the body, starting breasts feel more tender and enlarged, the body feels tired, nausea, vomiting, and cravings.

Month II
In the fifth week, the body has built a protective fluid in the cervical canal to ensure the embryonic placenta residence is in the correct order to grow comfortable and serene. In these times, pregnant women will feel frequently to the toilet to urinate. Increasingly felt enlarged breasts and the nipples and the area of brownish / pink (areola) started to grow and the more lightly browned. Until the ninth week, the stomach will grow around for a melon. We recommend that pregnant women in this age, which began often feel tired, often resting.

Month III
Some women until the age of this content does not even feel any problem. However, most others will feel a little dizziness, lightheadedness, and mood swings are very severe. In the middle of the third month, the body will continuously send the blood supply and eventually create what is called "beautiful pregnant woman. " Also, thanks to pregnancy hormones factors, you may also see the existence of "accessories" on the itchy reddish face, aka acne.

Second Trimester (Week 14-26)

Month IV
In this month, the hero or the little princess will begin to give signs of life in you. He will start to kick, pinch, or other. Do not worry if he has not shown signs of it because he might still want to relax and just want to do in the months ahead. Any part of your breasts will feel more and more enlarged. If not prepared to seek support (bra) that the right size, now is the time.

Months V
In this month, depending on the development of the baby, the skin on the stomach will begin to itch because the skin stretch. Nipples will start to look bigger. In this pregnancy, even if you get lazy and do not do many things, your heart continues to pump blood to the uterus. You may feel back pain, leg cramps, and may be seen in calf vascular strokes. There are also feeling the urge to urinate quite often.

VI month
You may feel back pain and the ligaments supporting the uterus enlarged, so painful. After a long standing, you will notice that your ankles began to swell and look at your calf.

Third Trimester (Week 27-40)
Month VII
In this pregnancy, you will enter the white streaks on the abdomen. Will start to look strokes on the abdomen. In this age of content, some people feel the contractions called Braxton-Hicks, the contractions slowly, not too sick, and false alarms for delivery. If the interval is not within 5 hours, the small fine. If not sure, you can ask your doctor. In addition, at the age of this content will begin to feel constipation who do not reassure.

Month VIII
In this pregnancy, some women will feel a drop of colostrum out of the nipple. You also might be a great start to feel contractions. At present, the body also has begun to divide the oxygen in the lungs with the baby so the mother may feel out of breath when breathing.

IX month
Do not be surprised if you start seeing your belly button started sticking. Prepare also to see the V area of your lips swell, which means he is ready to welcome the baby by giving a gentle way.