Depression After Childbirth

Depression After Childbirth, Post Partum Depession, Baby Blues

Depression After Childbirth

Gave birth to a baby into the world, can produce extraordinary feelings and emotions. Feelings of nervousness mixed with excitement since the arrival of a new member in the family. However, imagine the joy that many mothers, overshadowed by depression.

Baby Blues And Postpartum Depression

Depression after childbirth can just come and mistaken as the "baby blues". Baby blues is one of depression are also often experienced by postpartum mothers, but levels are still below the postpartum depression. General baby blues may last between several days or several weeks. The symptoms include: mood changes suddenly (mood swings), anxiety, sadness, irritability, to tears.

Symptoms experienced by postpartum depression, more severe and sometimes can last up to 6 months. A mother who experienced this will have difficulty to feel the relationship with her baby, and there are also minded to the possibility of hurting herself and her child. If you have this stage, you should consult with a physician.