Become A Grandmother At The Age Of 23 Years.

Rifca Stanescu, Youngest GrandmotherStanescu Rifca was 12 when she gave birth to Mary, her first child. Rifca not want her daughter to follow what he did, but Mary gave birth to Ion, her grandson when she was 11 years. Rifca was 11 years old when he married 13-year Ionel Stanescu, a jewelry salesman.

They eloped because Rifca father wanted him to marry another young man of Investigation, Romania. He was forgiven when she his daughter.

Now Mary has given birth aged 13 years and Nicolae. Children born a year later. Her mother tried to persuade Mary to stay in school. But Mary left to get married when she was ten - and have a baby six months later.

Rifca family lived in a gypsy community. According Rifca, in their culture is commonplace to get engaged and married at a young age. Rifca Now 23 years old and have grandson. Imagine how many generations in a Rifca family next few years. I think this family has to work hard and a lot of support.