5 Ways So That Children Do Not Grow Become Defiant Child.

Defiant ChildNot easy to teach discipline to children. If the approach is wrong, rather than follow your advice, they would rebel. Forget about educating children by emphasizing your power, such as scolding or hitting. Because this will teach your child to fight back.

Here are parenting tips so that children do not grow as the defiant child.

If you want kids to follow your wishes
Children tend to imitate their parents' behavior. If you want to get them to do something, you have to give an example. For example, taking out the trash in the right place, smoothed bed after waking up or chew food without making a sound.

Try not to scold your child
If you want to be mad, in fact it only shows your weak points. Children will quickly catch your reaction, it can even imitate him. It would be better, you direct them to do something more positive.

Always treat children as adults
They also seek the respect and interest from parents. Giving credit for successfully completing the task well, giving the opportunity to decide which clothes to buy, for example. It will make them feel valued.

If a child is unruly in a public place
Be patient and try to give a good view on them. If they still do not pay attention to you, threatened with punishment. However, remember not to raise the tone of your voice or hit them. Therefore, the action would only make them more mischievous.

If the child is doing something naughty in front of others
Do not shout at them. Wait until you return to the house or the other person away. Then explain in no uncertain terms that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Also remind them that if you repeat this behavior, you will give punishment.