Why Drop-side Cribs Unsafe

dropside cribs
Drop-side Cribs safety is an issue that most noticed by parents today. After nearly 10,000 infants and toddlers who were injured in an accident in bed and crib every year, according to the first national analysis of emergency treatment for this injury. Dozens of injuries and deaths related to crib drop-side which led to banning; millions cribs like it has been recall.

So, why the drop-side Cribs are not safe for babies. It's not easy to label a product which is safe and which are not. But we can see the cause of the accident that injured the baby.

Most accidents happen because the baby is trying to get out of bed or crib and get stuck. Toddlers aged 1-2 years, old enough to try to get out of bed or crib.

And the second is because of malfunction, which can occur for various reasons. Could be because of the quality or error when assembling.

You should check all part of a crib - every bolt, screw, track and clamps - securely in place. And if there is some part that is damaged, immediately repair. Prevention is always better than cure. Also check the distance or gap fence. You don't want your baby fall from the crib through the openings. Ideally, the walls of a crib should be 26 inches or higher than the mattress.

Most accidents occur in the crib with side rail that moves up and down to make it easier to locate and move the baby. Rails that can be moved, some parts can be separated, creating a gap between the mattress and rails in which a baby can get stuck.