Fear Of Childbirth After Age 35?

For various reasons, many women married at 35. However, there is fears that in no longer  young age, will affects pregnancy and gave birth to healthy babies. Is normal to worry like this?

In 2000, one out of every 12 babies born to mothers at the age of 35 years or more. In 1990, women age 30 who gave birth for the first time about a quarter of all births in women that age group. Every day at United States, nearly 200 women aged 35 years or more, gave birth their first baby. Shift in the age of gave birth influenced by many factors, such as the more extensive role of women at the public sector, the advance of medical technology, and shifting the age of marriage.

After 30 years old, a woman may experience decreased fertility due to reduction in the number of healthy egg production, decreased production of female hormones, accompanied by a decrease in the number of sperm pairs, decreased frequency of sexual intercourse, and physical conditions that are no longer optimal.

However, controlling pregnancy and routine medical examinations can solve the possibilities of complications arising during pregnancy at over 30 years old. Currently, many health workers measure the risk of pregnancy with the health status of pregnant women, not from age. It's good we are aware of risks faced and tried to minimize as recommended by your doctor.