Kate Middleton Do not Want Pregnant Quickly

william and kateAfter walking eight-year relationship, William and Kate finally married. Now what The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have to do? Kate said he would live his life as the wife of a Royal Air Force helicopter pilot (RAF).

However, these couples demanded for have a child soon. If Kate is not pregnant within the next nine months, then he would against the royal tradition that has been running for 200 years. Their children's attendance is expected for ensure no broken lineage.

Kate and William seems do not want a child soon. "I think we'll go one by one. We want to resolve marital affairs first and then think about the kids," said William, in an interview after her engagement in November. "But we obviously want to have kids, so we'll start to think about it later."

William and Kate wedding allows the House of Windsor generation continued. Under the law of succession, if she gave birth to a boy, then she will become the successor to the British throne after William. However, if the first child is girl, then his position after his brother. So far the British Government has indicated that they are quite open for changing the law to ensure that every Kate’s child has a chance of occupying the throne of kingdom.
Source: royalwedding.yahoo.com