New Habits Of Pregnant Women

mariah carey tweet her pregnancy, New Habits Of Pregnant WomenPregnancy is a historic event for women. So when the pregnancy is arrived, the woman had no doubt celebrated it. Pain, nausea, nervous, or any, received with great gratitude. Even create some unique habits for pregnant women. Some of them may happen to you.

Displaying an ultrasound image or the "positive" at test pack as the profile pic.
How proudly women when she realized was pregnant. So when expected pregnancy comes, you have started documenting this history of your life. Photo test pack which shows two lines were displayed at Facebook or Twitter. A few weeks later, when the fetus has begun to look in shape, ultrasound images start displayed.

Trying Demi Moore pose at Vanity Fair.
Demi Moore have appears naked in seven months pregnant at the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Since that, many other actresses who followed the action, such as Monica Bellucci and Britney Spears. The women now realize that pregnancy actually made her feel very sexy (although people who see it not necessarily feel that way), and they also want to document her pregnancy.

Announcing the birth process via social network sites.
Women who are facing delivery certainly are feeling pain. But in the middle of pain and panic, they still managed to send a tweet about the moments of birth: "It's time! No turning back! At hospital in labor right now! ". "Having contractions now! Ooo-wee! It's like Whoa! ". Perhaps this is to forget the pain?

Put pictures of the baby at social network sites.
First, announce the birth to friends or family, people use SMS. With the Facebook or Twitter, relatives and family can find out name, weight, height, even the baby's face. You can reach more people in more practical way.