Pregnancy and cervical mucus

Cervical mucus is no exception and it also gets changed during pregnancy. Cervical mucus is basically a fluid that is secreted for keeping the cervix shielded and moist

Throughout the menstrual cycle, the consistency of mucus change and from stretchy and thin, it becomes velvety and thick. This change in cervical mucus occurs due to modifications in the hormone levels linked with menstrual flow each month.

As soon as menstruation period end, cervical mucus is dry to a particular level and thus, this is not the time to get pregnant. One week before ovulating, a lady can feel that the cervical mucus has become thick and sticky.

The cervical mucus ends up being thin and pale white in color. As the ovulation comes to an end, the volume of cervical mucus again reduces and it also ends up being less stretchable.

By observing the changes that are taking place in the color, quantity, and consistency of the cervical mucus, a woman can enhance her possibilities of developing substantially. Many of females are uninformed about these, some ladies have successfully conceived by observing cervical mucus. It is to be kept in mind that since douches or lubricants alter the consistency and slipperiness of mucous, these have to not be made use of while getting pregnant.

Cervical mucus can end up being sticky due to certain medications like antibiotics, vitamins, diuretics etc, and very same should not be thought about as a change for developing. Cervical mucus is likewise affected by the weight problems, breastfeeding, vaginal infections and so on