Baby Fighting Sleep

Why is my baby fighting sleep? All I understand is that this entire baby fighting sleep thing requires to come to an end.

I am seriously suffering due to the fact that of this baby sleep problem. Even if he goes back to sleep after simply a couple of minutes it is still disrupting my sleep. 2 nights ago I chose that I didn't care any longer about sleeping in the very same bed as my spouse or sleeping many of the night in a more comfy bed.

Last night I was preparing on doing the very same thing however I had to cover the night on call for my ill colleague. I made the choice to sleep upstairs so I might have a little cuddle time with my other half. And today I was practically an hour late to work due to the fact that I was so tired I simply turned off my alarm and kept sleeping.

I would rather get an excellent night's sleep and come in to work on time than sleep in the exact same bed as him. If my infant is going to keep fighting sleep then he can cry it out since I'm going to be downstairs with earplugs.