Ready For Solid Food. The First Porridge

Baby Solid FoodWith about four to six months a baby is so far advanced that it can learn to eat from a spoon porridge. Later than the beginning of the seventh month is sufficient breast milk alone, usually no longer sufficient for the child enough to supply energy and nutrients. Of course you can also after the introduction of complementary foods your child continue to breastfeed as long as you and your child want to. Towards the end of the first year the child is so far that it can gradually eat with the family table instead of the porridge from the family diet.

The right time

The transition from exclusive milk feeding - breastfeeding or bottle feeding - on solid food is a large and important (development) step. Begin therefore with the first slurry only when your child tells you that it is prepared to do: It starts, for example, obviously interested in what others eat it while watching his mouth move or open your mouth when you the spoon touching his cheek.

Patience and composure are needed

The eating porridge usually does not work right away: At first many babies spit the pulp back - not because they like him, but because the feeding is unfamiliar with the spoon. Because the food from the spoon to be learned. Also on the new food must be used until the child is slow. It takes time to get it extensive with lips, tongue, palate, and perhaps to explore with your fingers. First start with 1-2 spoons vegetable purée and set him then his milk as usual meal. Slowly increase the porridge volume.

Can not be insecure

If it does not work for or opposition to the child's new flavor: Do not confuse yourself and force anything. Try it the next and following day. Take at first just two buckets - one for your child, with which it can launch its own try, and a second to feed. And, spilling part of it. Put on your child a big bib and only later do you clean. This will prevent some stress.