The Types Of Baby Monitors Available To Your Baby.

Baby MonitorBaby safety is a major concern of parents. But it is impossible to guard and watch him all the time. Sometimes you have to prepare milk for your baby or perform other tasks. How to monitor your baby while you do other work. Baby monitor is your savior. But today many types of baby monitors available. Here I will resume the type of baby monitor.

Baby sound monitor
This is a standard baby monitors where you can listen to your baby from another room. There are two options, namely analog and digital models. You can choose exactly which one suits your needs, such as operational range. duration battery, sound clarity, and a simple design to carry anywhere or portability.

Baby video monitor
This type of monitor allows you to view and listen to your baby from another room. Baby video monitors, also called baby cam combine the sound with the video monitor. Baby video monitors consist of a small camera that you place on a table near the crib or mount to a wall and a small television or handheld television. Most video baby monitors today have a night vision feature or infrared cameras allow a user to see the baby in a dark room

Baby movement monitor
There are two type of baby movement or baby sensor monitor, first type uses sensor pads that fit beneath the cot mattress and monitors the movements caused by baby heartbeat. The second type of sensor monitor is attached to baby clothing or nappy for the same reason. Both types of baby sensor monitors will alert parents with an audible alarm if there is no movement.