Baby Monitor Features

Baby Monitor FeatureBaby monitors are a great tool for parents who often feel worried when not in the same room as your baby. there are so many types of baby monitors available that can be purchased. For new parents this may be a bit confusing. So what features are you looking for.

The following are the usual features found in the baby monitor:

1. Audio, Video, movement and temperature sensors of the baby.

2. Night-vision allows you to see the state of the baby even in a dark room.

3. One or multiple receivers.

4. Range and channels include; Signal format - analog or digital, Frequency - the bandwidth (49 MHz, 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 1.9 GHz or DECT)

5. Sound - the level and sensitivity to sounds from different directions for both parent and child units.

6. Battery life - the size of battery (ie, 9-volt, AAA, or AA) and the expected battery life or rechargeable batteries.

7. Baby Monitor Portability

8. Connectivity with other device