Salt Consumption Trigger Heart Attacks

Salt And Heart AttackSalt became the basic ingredient in every recipe food. But do you know if you consume too much salt can increase the risk of heart attack.

According to research scientists in Australia, the excess salt in food risk of causing blood flow in major arteries blocked. Just within 30 minutes of blood vessels is estimated to be stiff. Then, this condition will affect the work system of the heart.

According to Professor Graham MacGregor, type of damage to the blood flow is considered as a very early sign of heart disease. Quoted from the Daily Mail.

What is the ideal of salt consumption?

Ideal portion of salt consumption is safe for health, not more than 6 grams per day. However, the majority of people are estimated to consume more than 8 grams a day. In some developed countries, one of the two patients who died from disorders or heart attack, salt consumed an average of 8-12 grams daily.

When salt intake is reduced every day, this will cut the risk of stroke by 22 percent and heart attacks to 16 percent.

I think you should really pay attention to what you consume if you care about your heart.