Is Fatigue During Pregnancy Normal?

Is fatigue during pregnancy normal?

Fatigue during pregnancy is normal in most cases, however, many women began to get frustrated and even scared that something is wrong. Usually, fatigue is only a symptom of a normal pregnancy.

This is especially common during the first trimester. What most women remember about this stage is a constant feeling of fatigue, as the body is actually getting ready themselves regarding pregnancy. Being pregnant puts a strain on your entire body, which can make you awfully tired.

Fatigue Pregnancy can also cause difficulty sleeping on a particular woman. Sometimes, as a result of higher levels of hormones like progesterone, pregnant women can have problems with fatigue.

When Does Fatigue Strike?

Most women experience fatigue during the first trimester, when their bodies just become used to the idea of becoming pregnant. Many women experience a pick me upduring the second trimester, but notice that their energy level once again drops during the third trimester, as your body slowly prepares for labor and delivery.
By the third trimester your body is also carrying around more weight. This can contribute to your discomfort and result in more insomnia and cramping, making it difficult to rest easy.