What Is Family Planning?

What Is Family planning? Family planning is sometimes used interchangeably with the term birth control, although there are some differences between the two terms. Birth control is something that can be used to prevent pregnancy; family planning is seen as something the couples use to temporarily postpone pregnancy.

In this way, family planning is seen as a method for planning, rather than prevent, the children. Family planning is seen as responsible choice for couples who are not ready to have children in the present but may want in the future.

For women who have decided that they do not want any more children and feel ready for a permanent form of birth control. Permanent birth control is obtained through surgery. Surgical sterilization is available for both women and men. They can choose Tubal ligation and Hysterectomy for women and Vasectomy for men.

Another way is a natural method of family planning to postpone having children such as Abstinence or withdrawal. You Can use a condom or Birth Control Pills and Emergency if you want more confident.