Birth Control Pills Make Your Appearance Less Attractive

Birth control pills are one of the several options to control pregnancy. However, birth control pills are additionally giving some unpleasant side effects. In many studies, for example, birth control pills may cause women to become jealousy, affect the women taste to men, and even reduce bone strength and density.

Dr Alexandra Alvergne from University College London published the results of research on contraception in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution. "We want to know what we experience when taking birth control pills. If there are risks that affect our romantic lives, and health status of our children, we want to know," she said.

When women are ovulating, both men and women see a shift in partner selection. When ovulating, women interested in anything that indicates masculinity, like a muscle that is tight, heavy sound, or dominant behavior. On the other hand, men usually see women more attractive during ovulation because the signals they send out. When being fertile, women tend to dress sexier.

However, all of this changed when women were taking oral contraceptives. According to Martie Haselton, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, women who took birth control pills during fertile period, is no longer having a great desire to masculine men.

"And men is no longer interest to women based on her menstrual cycle, possibly because of the signs that indicate ovulation is not visible anymore," he explained.

In other words, it can be said that birth control pills have a great impact on your love life. When taking birth control pills, your appearance is not as attractive as usual, and it could change the way your partner see your looks.