Birth Control Pills Side Effects: Make Woman Jealousy?

Birth control pills, if taken according to the rules, quite effectively used as a tool for planning a pregnancy. But birth control pills also have side effects in women who use it. However, sex hormones in birth control can make women become more possessive and jealousy, due to high estrogen levels.

The researchers said, birth control pills that have the highest estrogen levels, can disrupt female hormone that triggers suspicions are fueled by emotion. If allowed, this is certainly going to disrupt the relationship with their partner.

It seems that women need to be more aware with a range of psychological side effects associated with the use of birth control pills, and about the brand of choice.

Craig Roberts from Stirling University, together with the Dutch psychologist, conducted a study to examine 275 women aged 17-35 years who take birth control pills. There was a series of questions designed to measure the level of trust between the women's self with their partner.

They found a clear relationship between levels of estrogen in the drugs and jealousy. On the other hand, progesterone, did not result in jealousy, because the pills contain only progesterone was not so confusing emotions of women who eat them.

From the test, the researchers concluded that women who use the brands with the highest estrogen dose would be more difficult to establish and maintain relationships with their partner. The study, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences is supported by several previous studies, which says that the contraceptive pill can affect the way we choose a partner.

Side effects of birth control pills in women also affects the partner selection.Women who take birth control pills tend to be interested in the man-childish-looking. This finding indicates growing evidence that the hormones in birth control pills affect the way women assess male sexual attractiveness.