Missed Birth Control Pills; What Should I Do

The majority of women use birth control pills to planning a pregnancy. This is because it is one of the more affordable and far more certain than the condom. The only problem is that it can be difficult for women to remember to take pills every day.

What you can do when you missed birth control pills.

When you realize that you have forgotten the pill is when you have to take it. Make sure that you take active pills containing hormones. You may need to use two pills in one day - but this will not have damaging side effects.

If you forget two active pills then you should take two a day and then two more the next day. Then you can keep taking one every day until the package is complete. To be more securely you might want to use another type of birth control for a week.

Missing two active pills about time the third week may be more difficult to fix. If you start on a Sunday then you should still take the pill as an average until Sunday in case you have to throw the rest of them to go. Start a brand new pack of them as usual.

If you are a beginner the most securely you can do when you forget your birth control pills is to remove the package, the second you realize you do not take them and start a new brand packaging on the same day. Once again you have to use another type of birth control for a week.