Breastfeeding Position Correctly For New Mother

Breastfeeding PositionA new baby is hard enough, but if you are breastfeeding, sometimes the impression that you choose to make this experience even more difficult. Breastfeeding is not as difficult as it sounds, or you may have heard by others. It's actually quite simple and so rewarding to feed your baby if you leave the rotation. Remember that practice makes perfect most things! Breastfeeding is new to you and your child, but with a little practice will be two professionals in no time!

Convenient position is an important part of breastfeeding. Poor positioning can cause nipple soreness or muscle fatigue. Mother breastfeeding her baby several times a day, then take your time and relax. The skin contact stimulates the baby's sucking reflex. There are a few different places that make the experience more comfortable for you and your baby. Some of these positions are:

• Mounting - Lay on your side with pillows behind her to support your back. Lay your baby facing you head on a pillow on your chest is level with the baby's mouth. Bend the legs with a pillow between your knees, then the child within.

• Sit - Sit back, in bed or in a comfortable chair or couch with pillows supporting your back and head. Place a pillow on his knees and put your baby on a pillow in her arms, can make your arm resting on the pillow to put the baby at the breast. Bend your knees to make it even easier to have the baby close.

• Keep clutch - This is also known under the name of football. This position is also good if the twins, allowing the mother to have a child on each side of nursing. Sit and aesthetics of the baby under his arm like a handbag. Rest baby's head on a pillow stops at the knees. Make sure your child's feet are behind your back. His hand is on the back of the neck of the child, not the baby's head. Stretch your arms to block in the back of the child, infant Guide